Sander Vereecken Portfolio

Machine Room

A small diorama of a machine room.

Created all: set dressing, design, modeling, shaders, lights, UV mapping and effects. Some external textures used.

TieFighter Beach

A small beach with crashed tiefighter interceptior.

Created all: set dressing, design, modeling, shaders, lights, UV mapping and effects. Some external textures used.

Real Estate in Virtual Reality

Creating artviz designs based on blueprints

Contributed with: set dressing, design, textures, shaders, lights, BSP, modeling, UV mapping, effects.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn: a post post apolitical world where you as Aloy roam the world in search of answers

Contributed with: set dressing, design, BSP modeling, optimising, UV mapping, effects, bug fixing and more.

For Horizon Zero Dawn I was on a small team responsible for creating all the overgrown cities. Designing city and building layouts, Set dressing the city, Researching different ways of creating a set of meshes to create buildings, Shaping the terrain and applying vegetation, creating prefabs. Created the skyscraper in the ice area. Early on in development worked on researching foliage from creating meshes to identify which plants grow where.

Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone Shadow Fall: a science fiction first person shooter and launch title for the PS4.

Contributed with: set dressing, BSP modeling, optimising, UV mapping, effects, bug fixing and more.

Helped creating the theming of many parts of the game with set dressing the graybox levels. From creating the main look and feel of a area to polish an environment. Most environments where rotated between people. Sometimes you only did polish, while other times you setup the theming itself or anything in between. Working closely together with designers, other environment artist and lighting artists.

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is a downloadable content pack for Killzone Shadow Fall. It’s a horde mode game type with ten custom maps that meant to be played co-op.

Contributed with: set dressing, BSP modeling, optimising, UV mapping, effects, bug fixing and more.

Sander Vereecken

For over fourteen years I have been creating levels for games. Experimenting with design and gameplay is one of the many joys I get out of being creative. From mind boggling escher like environments to the simplicity of a few lines. besides design I like to relax, play games, watch movies/series, sport and meet up with friends. Talking to people, having a good laugh, being positive, learning and enjoying everything is what i’m all about.

The past three a half years I’ve been working on a professional basis for Guerrilla-Games in Amsterdam Where a worked on Killzone Shadowfall, Killzone Shadowfall intercept and Horizon Zero Dawn. In my spare time I’ve also worked on the indie game Renegade-X. Graduated from university: Communication & Multimedia Design at the NHL leeuwarden. And now ready to take on new challenges. Where I can build worlds that I can lose myself in.

Sander Vereecken

Personal info

  • Name: Sander “ZixXer” Vereecken
  • Location: Amsterdam , The Netherlands
  • Languages: Dutch & English
  • Profession: Level Artist / Environment Artist
  • Current state: Freelancing
  • Worked at: Guerrilla-Games-Amsterdam
  • Shipped Titles:
    • Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)
    • Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4)
    • Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept DLC (PS4)
    • Renegade-X (PC)


  • Unreal Engine (15 years)
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max (3 years)
  • Autodesk Maya (5 years)
  • Adobe Photoshop (4 years)
  • Crazybump (4 years)
  • Headus UVLayout (2 years)
  • Zbrush (2 months)
  • Xnormal (2 months)
  • Ndo (2 months)
  • DDo (2 months)
  • Perforce (2 years)
  • TortoiseSVN (4 years)


  • Level Art (9 years)
  • Level Design (14 years)
  • Shaders (8 years)
  • Particle Effects (10 years)
  • Kismet (7 years)
  • Texturing (4 years)
  • Modeling (5 years)
  • UV Mapping (5 years)


Renegade-X: a remake of the old C&C Renegade. With over 350.000 downloads and plenty of awards. This tactical action packed first person shooter brings back the arcade feel.

Contributed with: set dressing, modeling, shaders, lighting, textures, particles, postprocess, kismet, animation, optimising, UV mapping, bug fixing and more.

Epic Games
Unreal Tournament 3

I create levels that utilizes great flow, good graphics, z-fighting and some secrets/traps to catch the unreal feel.

Contributed with: set dressing, modeling, Particles, shaders, animation, optimising, uv mapping, effects, bug fixing & more.



Contact me about job opportunities, questions & more.

Tel: 00 316 14527499, Skype: Sander Vereecken (uberzixxer), Mail: Linkedin: sandervereecken